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The Apology

Arcola reunites with New Earth for this powerful human story which asks how a nation can apologise for the crimes of its past. “My feelings? They’re not hurt. My feelings are incensed…” Seoul, 1991. Priyanka is beginning the UN investigation into the ‘comfort women’ of the Second World War, and the subsequent political cover-up. Yuna … [Read More]

Korean comic play: A First Class

A father sacrifices his organs to fund his wife’ s crazed brain-altering attempt to create A FIRST CLASS DAUGHTER. Is this truly the route to perfection? The mother’s desperate efforts to make her daughter a first-class person are a pitiful sight. She has had her daughter’ s brain changed into that of a confirmed genius … [Read More]

2022 K-Pop World Festival: UK Round

The UK Round is a preliminary heat of the K-Pop World Festival which takes place in Korea later in the year. This exciting event gives K-Pop fans the chance to express their talents whether this is in the form of singing or dancing. The winners of each preliminary round are then given the chance to … [Read More]

A Festival of Korean Dance 2022

The Festival of Korean Dance is back. The programme is pretty much what we were going to see in the 2020 festival, which of course got cancelled. I’m glad we haven’t missed out, and I’m really looking forward to this. So, here’s the official press release. A Festival of Korean Dance returns to The Place … [Read More]

K-Dance 2022: Collective A / Jinyeob Cha – MIIN: Body to Body

In this visually arresting performance, Collective A’s critically acclaimed choreographer Jinyeob Cha examines perceptions of beauty and femininity beyond societal norms and traditions. Accompanied by a hypnotic soundscape created by two acclaimed musicians based in Seoul, Eun-yong Sim, from Korean Avant-rock band Jambinai, and haihm, an electronic musician, six female dancers flit between precise, discreet, … [Read More]

K-Dance 2022: Art Project Bora ‘MUAK’

Seven performers burst the confines of logic as they dismiss the notion that we watch dance and hear music exclusively. MUAK is a piece inspired by music with the same name by the composer Isang Yun. According to Isang Yun, in Western music, the tunes are made up by the composer. But in Asian music, the … [Read More]

Sheffield Korea Day 2022

An annual celebration since 2018 (though I think there was an inevitable hiatus last year), this year’s Korea Day in Sheffield is on 12 March: We hear that the Shilla ensemble will be among the performers. Sheffield Korea Day 2022 Saturday 12 March 2022, 12 noon – 5pm The Octagon Centre | Clarkson Street | … [Read More]

‘Drifting’: A Performance by Yong Min Cho

As the group show Expanding Horizons enters its final week at October Gallery, Korean dancer and body language artist Yong Min Cho marks the occasion with a special performance: ‘Drifting’: A Performance by Yong Min Cho Saturday 5 March 2022, 18:00 – 18:40 GMT October Gallery | 24 Old Gloucester St | London WC1N 3AL … [Read More]

What Remains of Us, at Bristol Old Vic

This interesting collaboration between Bristol Old Vic, Bath Spa University and K-Arts University should be worth a trip down to Bristol in early March. The production explores the theme of Korean family reunions. What Remains of Us Judy Owen Ltd in association with Bristol Old Vic, Bath Spa Productions and Korea National University of Arts … [Read More]

Gallery: Chuseok celebrations at the British Museum

The early Autumn brought two simultaneous Chuseok celebrations in the London area on 18 September: the harvest fest in New Malden, organised by KBCE, and a special event at the British Museum. Over the past months we’ve been starved of live music, and it was great to be able to hear the Shilla Ensemble perform … [Read More]

Festival of Korean Dance 2021: Company SIGA

The second of two live performances that constitute the Festival of Korean Dance 2021: Company SIGA: Double Bill — Zero | Equilibrium Thu 23 + Fri 24 September 2021, 7:30pm | Book tickets The Place | 17 Duke’s Road | Euston | London WC1H 9PY | Join Company SIGA, one of Korea’s hottest up-and-coming … [Read More]