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We, At the End of the World (K-Poet 12)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2020
Original title: 세계의 끝에서 우리는
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From the Kyobo bookstore website, fed through Papago Translate:

Me and you holding hands in the end of the world.
a new collection of poems by Yang An-da, “We, At the End of the World”
“K-Poet” series introduces the essence of Korean poetry that you always want to read next to you. Over time, Korean poems, which will be considered masterpieces, are introduced to readers and translated into English to promote Korean literature to the world. The “K-Poet” series also has insight into the universal and special problems of life. These poems will forever be remembered and recorded as the core of Korean literature.

The twelfth installment of the “K-Poet” series is Yang’s new collection of eyes, “We, At the End of the World.” Starting with “The Invitation Captain” and ending with “Curtain Call,” “We, At the End of the World” is composed of people who can calmly face and feel the keen sensibilities as if they were watching a long movie. The poet Yanganda’s poetry world, which has been steadily gaining attention, has deepened and deepened through “At the End of the World.” Stella Kim, a translator who has translated various genres, has increased readability by taking on the English version of “We, At the End of the World.”

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