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Poems by Ko Un (K-Poet 01)

From the Kyobo website and Papago translate:

The first Korean-English translation of a Korean poet
“K-Poet” series, which aims to select the essence of Korean poetry and translate it into English and serve it to domestic and foreign markets. It represents the only Korean-English translation in the world. Korean poems, which will be considered masterpieces over time, regenerate the lives of the times. It also contains insights into the universal and special problems of life. These poems, which are becoming the chapters of world literature, will be widely read not only by Korean readers but also by international readers.

The first of the “K-Poet” series is a collection of eyes of Ko Eun, a poet representing Korea. Poet Ko Un personally selected 20 representative poems, which can be called Jeongsu as well as his previous works, and Professor Ahn Sun-jae and Professor Lee Sang-hwa contributed to raise their dignity to the fullest. It is a collection of poems that give a panoramic view of the late poet’s market value, which is 60 years ahead of his poetry, and all of these works are expressions that have not lost their light and fragrance even in the face of a strict judge of time. Poet Ko Un’s poems are expected to contribute greatly to the discovery of new ways in this century.

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