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A Greater Music

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2016.
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Near the beginning of A Greater Music, the narrator, a young Korean writer, falls into an icy river in the Berlin suburbs, where she’s been house-sitting for her on-off boyfriend Joachim. This sets into motion a series of memories that move between the hazily defined present and the period three years ago when she first lived in Berlin. Throughout, the narrator’s relationship with Joachim, a rough-and-ready metalworker, is contrasted with her friendship with M, an ultra-refined music-loving German teacher, whom, it is suggested, later became her lesbian lover.

LKL says:

I didn't get beyond the first 20 pages of this - it both seemed to be going nowhere and managed to be really annoying in the process. Maybe I'll return to it having read and loved Untold Night and Day, but it's not high on the priority list.

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