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Evening of the Whale (K-Poet 07)

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2019
Original title: 저녁의 고래
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Text from Kyobo bookstore and google translate:

The first collection of poems from Han-Young University, covering all of Korea’s leading poets
The K-Poet series that draws the essence of Korean poetry that you always want to read at your bedside, translates it into English, and distributes it to the domestic and international markets. The only one in the world is the Korean representative’s gaze at Hanyoung University. Korean poems, which will be regarded as masterpieces over time, recreate the lives of the times and contain insights into universal and special problems in life. These poems, which are participating in the chapter of world literature, will be widely read not only by Korean readers but also by world readers and will grow into world literature.

K-Poet The seventh collection of poetry is Evening of the Whale by poet Jeong Il-geun. He started his work in 1985 and collected 20 new poems by poets who wrote 12 poetry collections. The poet, who is criticized for singing lyricism with sympathy and sympathy for the weak, expands his poetic world by paying attention to the goodness that is built into them while awakening the importance and value of life, ecology, and peace. It’s going on.

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