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Deep Work (K-Poet 11)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2020
Original title: 깊은 일
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As this is a recent publication by Asia Publishers, it’s hard to find outside of Korea.

The following description is from the Korean listing on the Kyobo website, fed through the Google translation engine:

Remembering the sadness of that day that will never be forgotten
Ahn Hyun-mi’s new poetry collection Deep Work

The ‘K-Poet’ series introduces the essence of Korean poetry that you always want to read at your bedside. Korean poetry, which will be considered as a masterpiece over time, is introduced to readers and translated into English and known to the world, making Korean literature a world-class literature. The’K-Poet’ series also does not miss insights on universal and special problems in life. These poems will forever be remembered and written as the core of Korean literature.

The eleventh in the ‘K-Poet’ series is Ahn Hyun-mi’s new gaze collection ‘Deep Work’. ‘Deep Work’ is a collection of gazes focusing on the ‘Sewol ferry disaster’ that took place several years ago, as in the image on the title and cover. The twenty-five poems in the text encompass this and at the same time reproduce and reproduce the footsteps and life forms of Ahn Hyun-mi as a poet. Translator Ahn Seon-jae, who has been translating various poems regardless of the times, raised the sensibility of poetry by taking the English version of ‘Deep Work’.

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