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The Society for Studies in Matryoshka and Basting Pins (K-Poet 14)

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2020
Original title: 마트료시카 시침핀 연구회
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The below text is from the Kyobo website, run through the Papago translation engine:

About the world and us, the fantasy and the Allegory that opens up and continues.
A new collection of poems by Yoo Hyung-jin, “The Society for Studies in Matryoshka and Basting Pins”
“K-Poet” series introduces the essence of Korean poetry that you always want to read next to you. Over time, Korean poems, which will be considered masterpieces, are introduced to readers and translated into English to promote Korean literature to the world.

The 14th of the “K-Poet” series is “The Society for Studies in Matryoshka and Basting Pins,” a new collection of eyes by Yoo Hyung-jin. It is the first series of poems to be presented in the “K-Foet” series, and Yoo Hyung-jin says, “All of these poems are owed to people in Gwanghwamun Square, which has been gathered since fall of 2016.” Park Dong-eok, a literary critic, said, “The poetry of Hyeong-jin resembles the way Matryoshka exists,” and “the work of designing a world of fantasy in layers” is the poetry world of Hyung-jin. Yoo Hyung-jin fixes instant moments made of “fantasy” with “sichim-pin” and hands the countless stories in the allegory like a beautifully wrapped gift box.

The English version of “The Society for Studies in Matryoshka and Basting Pins” by Yoo Hyung-jin was collaborated with Jang Jeong-hwa, a translator of Byringong’s Korean novel, and Andrew Keyst, his husband. The two translators who had long looked at poet Yoo Hyung-jin’s poetry worked together to enhance the sensibility and understanding of the poem.

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