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Counting the Stars at Night: The Complete Works in Verse and Prose

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2022
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This book contains the complete works of Yoon Dong-ju (1917-1945), one of the most beloved poets for all Koreans, and is the first attempt at English translation in their entirety, poetry and prose. Yoon’s writings reflect the ardor and longing lodged in every young man’s and woman’s heart. In that sense, the poems contained herein are not merely the utterances of a poet who no longer lives, but a perpetual reminder of what all youths, regardless of the times they live in, may wish to utter. It is a record of the timeless longing for beauty and truth all youths harbor in their hearts.

Sung-Il Lee, who has translated the works with an introductory essay, is professor emeritus of English at Yonsei University. He is the author of Beowulf in Parallel Texts (Cascade, 2017). The late Insoo Lee, whose translation of three poems is included in the volume, is Sung-Il Lee’s father. A pioneer of English studies in Korea, he was a professor of English at Korea University.

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