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Parting After Parting (K- Poet 34)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2023
Original title: 이별 후의 이별, 2023
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Poet Jang Seok-won’s “Farewell After Farewell” in K-Poet Series, Songs that Begin with Revolution and Love Once Again Poet Jang Seok-won’s sixth collection of poems, 『Farewell After Farewell』, a poet who loves music and poetry, has been published in the 34th volume of the K-Poet Series. In 2002, the poet joined the Korea Daily (now Seoul Shinmun) and published poetry collections such as Anarchist, Chronicles of the Sun, The Beginning of Reverse Evolution, Rhythm, and Yuru Muru, as well as prose collections on music such as We Never Become Music, and Mystic, and won the Contemporary Poetics Award, the Tongyeong Literature Award, and the Kim Dal-jin Literature Award. In his writings, both poetry and prose, he has always been a lover of music. In this collection of poems, 『Farewell After Farewell』, you can also meet his poetic rhythm that seems to be played infinitely. Some of the works in this collection of poems have been translated into English and published under the title Parting After Parting.

Source: Kyobo bookstore / Bing translate

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