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North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Literature (VOLUME Book 4)

North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Center is the 144th member of PEN International. Since defecting from North Korea because of their opposition to the dynastic dictatorship, the members of the center have been creating literature that depicts the harsh reality of North Korea and engaging in various activities to improve conditions there. The single objective of these writers is to improve the human rights of the people of North Korea.

Contains the following:

Short Stories:

  • Lee Ji-myung: The Old Man’s Gold tr Seongbak Jamie Jin
  • Nam Jeong-yeon: Winter Promise tr Seongbak Jamie Jin
  • Song Si-yeon: Mt Chilbo tr David Carruth
  • Yun Yang-gil: Self-Portrait of a Woman tr Gary Rector
  • Kim Jeong-ae: The Lady of the Wooden Horse tr Seongbak Jamie Jin

Memoirs / Essays:

  • Jeong Bu-mi: The Letter I Write in March tr Seongbak Jamie Jin
  • Lee Yun-seo: There’s No Future for Those who Hesitate tr Neil Armstrong
  • Nam Jeong-yeon: June tr Seongbak Jamie Jin


  • Kim Seong-min: Full Moon tr David Carruth
  • Kim Seong-min: I think of my mother tr David Carruth
  • Mun Seong-hwi: Such Intense Longing tr David Carruth
  • Mun Seong-hwi: Country of Mine! tr David Carruth
  • Lee Yun-seo: Our Unification is This Kind of Unification tr David Carruth
  • Lee Yun-seo: Cosmos tr David Carruth
  • Lee Yun-seo: Autumn Leaves on Mt September tr David Carruth
  • Song Si-yeon: Mother, Please tr Elizabeth Black
  • Kim Eun-gyeong: North Korean Refugee tr Elizabeth Black
  • Kim Eun-gyeong: That Child, Then tr Elizabeth Black
  • Kim Eun-gyeong: Kotjebi tr Elizabeth Black
  • Eom Deok-san: On Chuseok tr Elizabeth Black
  • Lee Ryong-ha: Journey to the World Beyond tr Elizabeth Black
  • Lee Ji-myung: Rose of Sharon tr Elizabeth Black

LKL notes that although this eBook is titled “VOLUME Book 4” we haven’t identified any previous volumes of North Korean writing from this source.

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