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Nearly All Happiness (K-Poet 27)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2022
Original title: 거의 모든 기쁨, 2022
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Holding hands, we walk along Banghak Stream. Wherever he points, I find a poem. On some days, taking the form of ducks; on others, taking after white-naped cranes. Black koi swirl the clear water like brush strokes, and therein lies another poem. A poem rippling. Scattering. Startling tiny minnows. Fleeing from grey herons.
From“ Poet’s Essay”

Soyoun loves her family, loves her friends, loves her readers, loves this Earth, loves the sunroot, and loves poems. Everyone loves. But when Soyoun loves, she does her utmost to shower affection, letting others feel it. Endlessly replenished, her love seems to grow the more it is shared. It fascinates me. What if she shares more affection than she can handle? What if others take it for granted, demanding even more as if it were their due? Upon observation, I learn that those showered by affection cherish her in return, looking out for her.
Kim Eunji (Poet)

Source: Aladin

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