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The Orchid Door

Editor: Joan S Grigsby
Translated by: , ,
Publisher: , 1935
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“Usually considered to be the first volume of Korean poetry in English translation ever published”: Brother Anthony gives the background to the printing of this set of translations of ancient Korean poems, a volume illustrated by Lilian Miller. As he explains, Grigsby reworked some literal translations by James Scarth Gale and others, “taking them into her own poetic world“. He compares some of Grigsby’s reworkings with the original literal translations here.

He provides an image of the original 1935 volume that is in his collection – difficult to find nowadays. The image accompanying this entry in the LKL database is the one that LTI Korea have created to go with their audio book.

You can find the full text of the volume on Br Anthony’s site here, and Grigsby’s introduction here. An alternative online version can be found on Buk.

Korean Literature Now / LTI Korea has recorded the complete text in a version you can hear on SoundCloud. From the same page you can jump to the Google Play store where you can download a free eBook version.

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