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Flowers in the Toilet Bowl

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2004
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From the publisher’s website:

This volume brings together 65 poems from Choi Seungho’s ten books that best illustrate his thought and art. In many of his poems, Choi portrays the rampant desires of the “hypnotized” man and the gray landscape of the late consumer society. Choi tries to expose the illusory nature of man’s desire by graphically portraying its dire consequences. His is a world where a woman’s womb is a factory, a vending machine is a prostitute, and a glance upon the lake affords a reflection of pollution.
His critical consciousness against current life is always directed toward the basic problems of humanity. Deeply influenced by Taoistic and Buddhistic thought, his poetic world is directly linked to the world of ecological imagination addressing the most urgent problems of human survival.

Born in 1954 in South Korea, Choi Seungho has written more than ten books of poetry and has received many awards, including the Sooyoung Kim Literary Award, Isan Literary Award, and Daesan Literary Award. His relentless criticism of modern civilization paves a way for him to become an ecopoet who sings of a world in which the “disillusioned” man and the whole of creation enjoy a harmonious, mutual living.

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