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Tiger Swallowtail (K-Poet 20)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2021
Original title: 호랑나비, 2021
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It is a collection of poems in the domain of Tiger Swallowtail by Hwang Gyu-gwan, the 20th collection of poems by K-Poet. In 1993, he began his work by winning the Jeon Tae-il Literature Award and published poetry books such as Cheolsan-dong Post Office, Water Goes its Way, defeat is My Power, Waiting for the Typhoon, noon Coming, and Let’s Just Spend This Car. The poet’s ability to create poetic resonations in places that are not out of the real world is also revealed in this collection of poems. In particular, this collection of poems, Tiger Swallowtail, contains the voice of a poet who contemplates how to cultivate and preserve our souls living in a broken world. You can also see a poet’s essay exploring “How can poetry change the real world?”

Source: Interpark / Papago translate

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