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A Boy Is Looking at the White Moon from a Classroom Under the Sea (K-Poet 17)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2020
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From the Interpark website:

I feel that that I am writing poems seriously. For that, I am indebted to the late Seoung Chan-gyeong (1930-2013), who wrote poems more seriously than I. He was a disciple of beauty and also never stopped searching for the truth. I feel that I belong to a different world than his, that I stand in a much smaller world.
(Poet’s Note)

On finishing my reading his fifth book, I felt that I could enjoy many more books like this one. I haven’t yet encountered poems placed beside death without hesitation this much and this frighteningly.

Jang I-ji made his literary debut in 2000, when poems of his were published in the monthly literary magazine Hyundae Munhak (Contemporary Literature). His publications include the collections of poems Angukdong Shop for Crying, Lips of Lotus Flower, Lapland Post Office, and Lemon Yellow, as well as collections of critical essays, including Space for Welcoming, Sociology of Contents, and Literature, the End of World. He is the recipient of the Kim Guyong Literary Award and the Oh Jang Hwan Literary Award.

Jeon Seung-hee is a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of ASIA , and lecturer at Boston College. She received A Ph.D. in English Literature from Seoul National University and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University.

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