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Songs of the Kisaeng

Editor: Wolhee Choe, Constantine Contogenis
Author: ,
Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 1997
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Original Korean poems, written during the 16th and 17th centuries, and contemporary English translations.

The original BOA Editions publication is now hard to find. Apparently however it is available as an eBook from LTI Korea. According to their website:

This e-book was made by scanning and converting the original book using OCR software. We have made every effort to ensure the book is free of any errors or omissions, but if you discover any, please email us so that we can improve the quality of the book.

LKL adds: I seem to have mislaid my copy of this volume, but according to some notes I made a while ago it contains the following poems:

Anon: An anchor lifts / Before the cross / The Black corw / If tears were pearls / If Rain / So, what is this love? / Stop / Were there two / What struck me
Chinok: Iron, we were told
Chongum: An evening entered
Hanu: Why Freeze?
Hoeyon: In Fall, when the Moon
Hongjang: Under the cold, pine arbor moon
Hongnang: I close this branch
Hwang Jini: Ah, what have I done? / At Cold Solstice / Blue Stream / I have a Will / Old Mountain / When ever did I?
Im Je: Are you napping?
Imniwol: The large beak finches / We tied his horse
Kang Gangwol: At some thoughts / Late one night / While journeying
Keju: Let my Cassia boat
Kuji: My boat, cut
Kumhong: Wild geese sang
Kungnyo: Who caught you?
Kyerang: Petals rained
Kyesom: Just when
Maehwa: As I tossed / I would have to / My thoughts of him / To this old stump / What blight
Munhyang: All right then
Myongok: Don’t tell me the face / A lover that shows
Okson: They say
Pudong: If you
Songdaechun: A butterfly from Seoul
Songi: Everything you do / Hush, rooster / I sit up / Love is not / The river of stars / So, you can tell / When a butterfly sees a flower / Our love is not
Tabok: At the last waste of dark

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