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Cave Boys (K-Poet 22)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2021
Original title: 굴 소년들, 2021
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K-Poet series that meets both Korean and English at the same time. Poet Lee Seol-ya’s 『Cave Boys』 was published as the 22nd collection of poems. From his first collection of poems, We Decided to Get Darker, the poet’s poetry clock, who dictated the voices of the marginalized and the suffering, and never neglected to listen to the truth and hope, has become deeper and expanded in this collection of poems. can In the Korean version of 『Cave Boys』, 20 poems have been translated into English. As the poet revealed in his ‘Poet’s Note’, in the first collection of poems, “the stories of people living in cove and damp alleys” in Incheon, a place familiar with the poet, was the main focus, but in this collection of poems, “the story of girls and boys living in dark alleys around the world” story” is included.

Source: Interpark / Google translate

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