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Saharial reviews Kyu Won’s 2nd album: 스스로 떠나는 사람들

Kyu won – 2nd album – 스스로 떠나는 사람들
Open Music, 2011.

Kyu Won 2nd Album

Released back in June last year, I’m not sure why it took me so long to buy this album seeing how much I enjoyed the first. I wasn’t sure what to expect this time round: most artistes attempt to have a different feel and theme for each album and this can either go really well or go horribly wrong. Luckily this album falls into the former category and I really really like it.

This album has a more lively feel to it, and with the added vocals of Chang BaeU and Heo SuJeong it really feels like Kyu Won has been honing and improving his song writing skills. Track 6 “모두 나였음을” (Feat. Heo SuJeong) is a really beautiful melody and it’s so wonderful to hear a Korean female singer whose voice sounds mellow rather than adolescent and shrill. The harmonies towards the end of the song are really lovely on the ears and I got stuck listening to this track several times before I could make myself continue.

“Silent Conversation” (above) is the first track with full English lyrics and again the pronunciation and sense were good along with a thoughtful melody and beat. “Wishes” is the other track, but I prefer the former track as it flows better and is more my style of ballad, though I like the play with words the latter has and its sentiments.

One thing I was not sure about was the spelling and meaning of track 8 which was written as “bEd Ending”. Its an upbeat number with an almost jazz/swing feel to it but without knowing the meaning I can’t tell if it should have been ‘Bad ending’ which would suit the mood of the song better. Track 5: “거북이 상자” (Feat. Chang BaeU) is upbeat and light with a real feel of fun to it that I really enjoyed, but in the end its track 6 that i come back to time and time again and is for me, the best song on the album.


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