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The BTS Love Yourself o2 concert – a fresh perspective

Inside the o2
Inside the o2, waiting for the start

LKL’s young contributor Gargi Sengupta, who reported from the Sheffield Korea Day earlier this year, provides her second report – from the biggest KPOP event in London ever!

On the 10th of October I went with my father to watch the BTS concert at the London o2. Since I have been a HUGE fan of BTS (or ARMY) since 2014, I was ecstatic for the concert. This entry is all about what happened and what it was like.

At the o2

Once I reached the hall and sat down in my seat, it was amazing. There were so many ARMYs everywhere, and I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the concert to start! There were two big screens at the front, one on the left and the other on the right, and they were showing BTS’s music videos and everyone was singing (actually, more like screaming) along with the songs. Along with the music videos, they also showed adverts for the new ARMY bomb, ver. 3 – which my dad didn’t get for me because of the price 🙁 – and those were playing on the screens until 8:30pm.

The lights dimmed down, and seven silhouetted figures ran across the stage. The whole hall cheers and screams. It was BTS, the people everyone was waiting for! I was screaming so hard I thought I would lose my voice (the next day I had a really bad throat ache from screaming so loud!).

IDOL: the opening stage
IDOL: the opening stage (photo: Colette Balmain)

As they came on the stage, they started by performing to their newest title song, IDOL. Sadly, my bias, Jungkook couldn’t dance due to a heel injury, but he still sang very well and sounded amazing! There were ARMY bombs waving everywhere in different colours, and the BTS fan chants could be heard everywhere.

After IDOL, the members introduced themselves and it was so cute <3. After introducing themselves, they started to perform their songs. They did all of the songs from LY: Answer, and also performed some of there older songs, like Boy in Luv. Although I loved every single bit of the concert, I did have my favourites. Highlights for me were all of the solos (Jungkook- Euphoria, V- Singularity, Jimin- Serendipity, Jin- Epiphany, J-Hope- Airplane, Suga- Seesaw and RM- Love). I also really loved the vocal line singing The Truth Untold and the rap line rapping Tear, (especially RM’s sunglasses!) however, my favourite overall was when they performed Mic Drop.

BTS and the audience bathed in the blue light of the ARMY bombs
BTS and the audience bathed in the blue light of the ARMY bombs (photo: Colette Balmain)

They finished off the concert with the song Love Myself. It looked as all the ARMYs were waving their ARMY bombs in the air and the hall looked so pretty. After the song finished, a picture was taken of all the ARMYs and the members at the front.

After that, they all said bye to us. It was really sad to see them go, but all of them were talking about how they loved London and that they really wanted to come back, so the ARMYs that couldn’t come this time could go next time!

I really loved this concert and can’t wait until the next time they come! ARMY fighting! 🙂

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