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Shin Seung-tae’s new Trot persona

When Lee Hee Moon announced the disbandment of his glam rock minyo outfit Ssing Ssing last year, I forewent gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, prophesying instead that an abundance of interesting projects must surely follow.

And Lo, it did come to pass. Female vocalist Chu Da-hye started her band, Chudahye and The Chagis (추다혜차지스), who were planning a London appearance in September. Bassist Jang Young-gyu has gone on to great success with his band Leenalchi, whose recent online concert performance for Korean Cultural Centre UK’s K-Music Festival is not to be missed. Lee Hee Moon continued with his ‘Korean Man’ jazz project, the more traditional though still cross-dressing Lee Hee Moon Company, and he launched a brand new funky outfit OBSG (Obangshigwa), very much in the Ssing Ssing vein.

All of Moon’s above projects have included the talents of vocalist Shin Seung Tae. Remarkably, today Shin has launched a Trot music single, Love Fire, embracing an often maligned genre popular with middle aged and elderly Koreans. A search on Youtube revealed he unveiled his Trot persona two months ago with this brilliant performance of Lee Tae Ho’s 1988 song, ‘Miss Go’.

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