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Five Senses of Korea: Ensemble La Mer et L’Île plays St John’s Smith Square

Date: Friday 20 January 2023, 7:30pm
St John's Smith Square | London SW1P 3HA | | [Map]

Tickets: £20-£30 | Buy tickets here
Poster for Five Senses of Korea

Ensemble La Mer et L’Île

Yeonwoo Choi / Kyu Jung Choi VIOLIN
Hee Young Lee VIOLA
Soo Young Ko HAEGEUM
Kyoung Min Park DAEGEUM
Hwa Young Lee GAYAGEUM


Britten – 3 Divertimenti for String Quartet
Myung-Whun Choi – Sulbi-sori for Haegeum and String Quartet
June-Hee Lim – Dokdo, Island of Five Senses, for Saenghwang, Gayageum, Violin, Viola, and Cello
– Interval –
Youngsan hoesang for Gayageum, Daegeum, Piri and Janggu
June-Hee Lim – Dokdo Fantasy, for Haegeum, Daegeum and String Trio
Jongmyo Jeryeak for Gayageum, Daegeum, Haegeum, Piri, Percussion, Violins, Viola and Cello

Founded in 2013, La Mer et L’Ile (The Island and the Sea) is a unique Arts and Sciences Society based in Seoul, Korea. Their past performances and exhibitions have been praised by audiences throughout the world as an exemplary collaboration of the highest quality of traditional Classical music and traditional Korean music. This upcoming performance in London will showcase a wide range of works by modern Korean composers such as June-Hee Lim and Myung-Whun Choi as well as by one of classics favorites, Britten’s Divertimenti for string quartet.

They will also present the court music of the Joseon Dynasty – Jongmyo Jeryeak (종묘제례악) and Yeongsan hoesang (영산회상) – played with a combination of western instruments and Korean traditional instruments such as the Haegum, Daegum, Piri, Saenghwang and Gayagum. These special works will surely fascinate the audience in London and enrich their listening experience in different cultures connected through passion for music.

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