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Roller Coaster play the Mean Fiddler

The closing event of the 2005 London Korean Festival.

Roller Coaster + support

Thursday 19 May 2005, 19:30 – 23:00
London Astoria Theatre (Mean Fiddler: B1)
Tickets : ticket office at London Astoria theatre (close to Tottenham Court Road tube station)
GBP 12.00 (students GBP 10.00) – in advance
GBP 15.00 (students GBP 12.00) – at door

MAIN GUEST: Roller Coaster
OPENING BAND: Soundscape
PROMOTIONAL ARTIST: Lee Lee – produced by John Robinson

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Since 1999, Roller Coaster has introduced music categorized as acid-pop or electronica, receiving such raves as unique and refreshing by music manias. The album Absolute which Roller Coaster released in 2002 sold 150,000 copies and established the band as a lucky group, succeeding both musically and commercially. The release of the band’s fourth regular album Sunsick on 19 March 2004, will be a news to music fans, who always thirst for Roller Coaster’s new sound and style showcased in each album. In London, we can meet their most of hit-songs. Then, we are sure that you will be a mania of Roller Coaster.


1999 1999 Release the inaugural album, titled Come to me
1999 1999 First concert at Cult Hall
2000 2000 Second concert at SH Club
2000 The second album An everyday occurrence (In July)
2002 The third album Absolute (In March)
2002 Release the live album Absolute (In September)
2002 From 14th to 15th Sep. Concert in celebration of releasing the live album
2004 The Fourth album Sunsick


Won-Sun Cho (Vocal)
Favorite Musician: Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz
-Member of the Rock Band 1990’s in 1990
-Macc Music School Popular Piano in Tokyo, Japan ( 1994-1995)
-Collaboration with famous Korean Musicians such as Lee sung-hwan, Yoon jong-shin, Lee hyun-woo, TOY, Park jung-hyun, Ginu etc.

Ginu (Bass, Programing)
-Performed the Egg Live House in Tokyo
-Winner of best guitarist : Tokyo ONE 90 (1990)
-Attend ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Okinawa (1991)
-Attend KODOMO FOR ASIA in Tokyo (1991)
-Release two solo album : Extraordinary Imagination(1996), Serenade(1997)
-Collaboration with famous Korean musicians such as Lee Sung-hwan, Yoon Jong-shin, Lee Jang-woo, TOY, 015B, Lee Min-gyu, and Airplane

Sang-Soon Lee (Guitar)
Favorite Musician : Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton
-Give a lecture at Rock Artist Club (Music School) in 1992
-Discharge from MoonSunDea:
-Played as a guest member for the live session of Bank
-Release the first album after organizing Baby Blue band


(from UCL)

Gig experience

8 February 2004 : ULCS Revival ’04 (NOVOTEL Conference Centre, London)
6 March 2004 : Peace Rock Concert ’04 (UCL Windeyer, London)
10 March 2004 : Korean Cultural Night ’04 (London Peacock Theater)
4 December 2004 : Scala Concert (Scala club, London)
1 February 2005 : Japanese Music Festival (UCL Windeyer, London)
6 February 2005 : Korean Cultural Night ’05 (Peacock Theater, London)
10 February 2005 : ULTC V-Show (London Thames river cruise concert)
1 March 2005 : Peace Rock Concert ’05 (IC Great Hall, London)
15 March 2005 : 2005 coco Fashion Show concert (Cafe de Paris, London)
22 March 2005 : Embassy Concert ’05 (Embassy Club, Mayfair, London)


Vocal & Guitar : Jiyong LEE (9th December 1982)
B.Sc. Economics and Statistics
University College London

Lead Guitar : Wei Hsiang LAI (24th March 1983)
B.Sc. Economics
University College London

Bass : Jung Taek LEE (11th February 1977)
MA. Material & Visual culture
University College London

Drum : Young Jay LEE (30th March 1985)
Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng
University College London

Lee Lee

Lee Lee is a singer-songwriter based in London’s urban music scene. He’s soulful and splendid voice will give a real experience to all audience who will join our KOREAN WAVE show.

It is a great chance to see his fantastic dance skill in London with our own eyes, for he will be a super star after his first single album (launching in June) and KISS radio interview.

All songs he will perform on the show are produced by John Robinson. We are so proud to bring him into our show. Thanks Lee Lee

Music Genre – Hip/Hop and R&B

Lee Lee combines a powerful pop vocal with an R&B style that makes his sound unique.
His character shines through in any song from rock style ballads to up-tempo dance tracks.

Lee Lee plays guitar, piano and cass guitar and composes his own songs on the guitar.
He is an enthusiastic performer and dances with his backing cancers for whom he has choreographed all their moves.

His latest track “Shake your Ass” is a Hip/Hop led dance track made for the club scene.
Arranged and produced in the UK with Clique Productions, an urban R&B outfit based in North West London.

Lee Lee is currently back in the studio working on his follow-up track”Fighting for Love” on which he plays rhythm guitar. Lee Lee is ready to take on the world. Let’s hope the world is ready for him!!

– John Robinson / Producer


  • The official webpage is archived on the Way Back Machine here

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