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Sorry, another rant

Lee Soo-youngSo it seems that in order to find out what’s happening in the UK we all have to be avid followers of Seoul-based K-Pop forums. Further to my post yesterday I ran another google search on “Think Korea 2006”, and I found out that three days ago there was a posting at that broke the news that the star attraction of the concert in Croydon on May 1 is none other than Lee Soo Young, who will be performing numbers from her 7th album, Grace. Hurrah. (Maybe Ahn Eaktai would have been a bit heavy). I’m a great fan of hers, but (a) can’t go on that day and anyway (b) it’s a long way to schlep down to Croydon to “South London’s Premier Arts, Entertainment & Conference Centre” (their claim, not mine), who still can’t be bothered to post any details of this and other concerts on their website. Fortunately, clicking on a few links from Soompi takes you to the KBS site, where they say Lee will do a further performance (again with the RPO) on 24 May, together with the fantastic Big Mama, plus SG Wannabe and Vibe (the last two I haven’t explored yet). Even bigger hurrah. Presumably this will be in central London. I’ll be there. Probably. Because now it’s a three-way clash between the Queen of Ballads, the Queen of the Kayagum (Intangible Cultural Property Yang Seung Hee) plus whatever Korean film is showing that night. I’ll be really annoyed if it’s a must-see film. Once again I am forced to question the co-ordination of all these superb events, that we have to choose between them, rather than support all of them.

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