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Think Korea: Kim Duk-soo in Rhythm Sticks at the Purcell Room

Kim Duk-soo comes to London as part of Think Korea 2006.

Rhythm Sticks

19:30, 17 July 2006
Purcell Room, South Bank Centre (Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX)

Kim Duk-soo


SamulNori is a group of dynamic musicians dedicated to performing and preserving traditional Korean music and dance. Since Kim Duk Soo first formed their group in 1978, SamulNori has sparked a renaissance in Korea’s music scene, while garnering world-wide acclaim.   SamulNori, refers to the four musicians playing and dance with four different types of percussion instruments: janngo, jin, buk and kkwaenggari. The origin of their music can be traced to what is usually referred to as farmers’ band music, nong-ak ceremonial music. The repertoire of SamuloNori, also integrates the influences of folk and religious music and their intricate rhythms have became quite uniquely distinctive. Kim Duk Soo later formed the SamulNori Hanullim Performing Arts Troupe and he is the group’s artistic director and the master of the janggo. In addition, the SamulNori Hanullim Performing Arts Troupe has become the most recognized Korean traditional performing arts troupe in Korea and abroad.

Artists: Kim Duk Soo and SamulNori Hanullim Performing Arts Troupe.

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