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Lee Soo Young #6: The Colors of my Life

Lee Soo-young #6: Colors of My Life(YIGA Entertainment, 2004)


A great ballad album. From the big ballad 휠릴리 (track 4) via the more intimate 너도 그런지.. and Sam Lee’s funk-inspired “You want me” (featuring Eric) to a more R&B 겁쟁이 (track 7), Lee Soo Young shows how it should be done. She has a good team of song-writers — showing that you don’t have to write your own stuff to have a decent album; and her backing strings and orchestra aren’t too corny. Yes, it’s probably all a bit middle aged, but hey, so am I. And Lee has a great voice. Strangely, the weakest track on the album is a “special track”: J-pop version of “I believe”, which has a strange Chinese folk music feel to it: very out of place. There’s no information about this song, but a bit of internet research reveals that this was her very first hit single back in 1999. I can only say her team has improved since then.

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