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Another internet concept which almost works. But doesn’t.

Browsing aimlessly (trying to find reviews of Korean popular music CDs) recently I came across, an internet radio station. It claims to have a huge playlist, and what’s played to you is determined by what styles you select and the sort of stuff your buddies are listening to. It seems very promising, with all sorts of Korean genres purportedly represented. The trouble is, you ask for the stuff you want, and the station just plays you random American stuff. All very disappointing.

But there is a couple of members at who are interested in Korean music, at least one of whom writes intelligent reviews. These are hard to come by in the K-pop blogosphere. And Jenny in Hawaii and Helikoppter in Sweden are two bloggers whom I visit occasionally to see what they’re listening to (the latter of whom is the aforementioned reviewer at

Anyway, apart from being incredibly slow at loading pages, and not playing what you ask for, looks promising. If only it could deliver, it might make some money…

Links here for the Korean indie music page, and here for the rock music page. But only click if you’ve got a few hours to spare. And if anyone finds anything useful on the site let me know. There’s much more useful stuff on Helikoppter’s own site.

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