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Humming Urban Stereo: Purple Drop

Purple Drop coverHumming Urban Stereo combine acid jazz and lounge music, with some Latin / bossa nova rhythms. The sound is largely electronic – rhythms are programmed, and there are lots of fun synthesized effects. The music is written, arranged and programmed by the band’s leader, Lee Jeereen.

Humming Urban Stereo in concertIt’s slick, polished and in the end a little bit sterile. It’s the sort of music you might find in an achingly trendy bar, where the customers are all so beautiful and hip, and more interested in talking loudly than listening to the music. The vocalists are nicely laid back, which suits the style of music.

My favourite track is probably Stalker, which has some good Latin beats and a real soprano saxophone.


Humming Urban Stereo website.

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