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Delispice #3: Sad but True

Delispice: Sad but True(Released: 2000)


Delispice are considered to be one of the key Korean rock groups. Formed in 1995 with an advert for people who like U2 and REM, those beginnings give a fair indication of the musical direction the band was to take.

This third album is meant to be one of their darkest. Puzzlingly, the main song of the disk, The truth about cats and birds (고양이와 새에 관한진실), was banned from TV. Not understanding Korean and without a translation of the lyrics I’m mystified to know why. There are some pretty murderous noises towards the end, though, which might indicate that something visually unpleasant is going on. But it’s a great tune with an epic guitar introduction. My favourite track is probably track 6, entitled 30: a jaunty number accompanied by acoustic guitars, but slightly marred by the melodion which is pitched slightly low. Overall recommendable music: a band with a strong sound, not afraid of a good tune, and a robust rhythm section.

Track list (courtesy of Mr Kwang)

2. Watermelon
3. Truth about Cat & Bird (RADIO EDIT)
4. World of Earphone
5. 1231
6. 30
7. Winter II
8. Take a walk with me? (VIETATO FUMARE)
9. Who killed Robin?
10. Truth about Cat & Bird (OR fake, ORIGINAL VERSION)
Bonus Track: Moon River


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