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10 Comes to Europe


10, LKL’s favourite Korean-Japanese experimental indie music duo, is coming to Europe to challenge, amaze and entertain audiences in Spain and France. Half of the duo is itta, interviewed by Anna Lindgren in March this year. The other half is Marqido, who describes himself as a Noise Artist.

Here are the tour dates:

28 Sep 2007 20:00 NOISE ATAC at L’Embobineuse Marseille
29 Sep 2007 20:30 EXPRMNTL Galerie Toulouse
3 Oct 2007 20:30 In Famous Carousel Festival at Point Ephémère Paris
6 Oct 2007 20:30 EXPERIMENTACLUB07_ Espacio E (sala 1) Madrid

And a sample of a live performance in Singapore:


10 in Paris

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