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Clazziquai #3: Love child of the century

Clazziquai #3: Love child of the century(Fluxus Music, June 2007)


Clazziquai’s third album revisits much of the material from their previous efforts, but somehow fails to repeat the freshness. In an attempt to do something new, they have come up with a bigger, poppier sound, with the emphasis on a wall of synthesised support for their previously more transparent style.

Take as an example of the new, bigger sound, track 2, Lover boy:

or the third track, 생의 한가운데:

The sixth track – Last Tango – in contrast is a much more acoustic number — a slow Latin sound:

— but we’re immediately back into the electronica for the seventh track.

There’s the usual high standard of singing from Horan and Alex, and there’s the same feel-good atmosphere, so if you’re a completist, don’t hesitate, but if you’re choosy and already have their earlier work maybe you should try something different.


  • If you have the clunky browser and weird plugins necessary to navigate the typically impenetrable Korean website technology, every track of this album can be sampled at Clazziquai’s official site. Maybe.
  • Otherwise you can buy the album at YesAsia

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