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The Reflection at New Days Gallery

Kim Dok Hi image

News of a three-week exhibition at the New Days Gallery in New Malden:

The reflection

Artist: Dok Hi Kim
Open to public: 16th (Sat) Aug – 6th (Sat) Sep 08
Opening time: 10am-5pm, Tue-Sat (Closed on Sun & Mon)
Venue: Newdays Gallery London
2 Alric Ave, New Malden, KT3 4JN
Enquiry: 0208 286 1335 / 07894 237044
Admission: Free

Encounters with Light and Colour. My paintings are my journey into the realm of light and its offspring, colour. Light that conjures up my dreams of landscape. One can hardly call my paintings Landscapes, yet they refresh the eyes and calm or assault the spirit with the power of natural beauty. Faint suggestions of horizon, light streams, distinctive and well-explored brush strokes and paint surface of varied thickness to fit the task in hand provide spatial dimension.

-Dok Hi Kim-

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