Album review: Lee Soo Young #8 — Set It Down

Lee Soo Young Vol 8(Manine Media, 2007)

There’s something reassuring about a Lee Soo Young album. You try to explore different genres of music, some of which may be exciting and original, and others may be frankly rather tiresome. And then you come to Lee Soo Young and it’s like returning home. It’s a bit like comfort food. It doesn’t ask too much of you, and you know it’s probably not very good for you, but it’s warm, it envelops you, and it makes you think for a while that everything in the world is just fine.

Lee’s Eighth brings together some of the same composers as her recent albums, and we have the same skilled orchestrations. Composer Hwang Sung Jae is continuing his exploration of Celtic influences, with Riverdance or Corrs-styled violin and whistle themes. Lee herself is her usual polished self, and while this disk doesn’t have a tune the size of Whiriri (7th) or Grace (6th) it’s a well-balanced album and as good a place as any to start if you haven’t experienced the Queen of Ballads before. Here’s probably the biggest track on the album, Bobbed Hair (단발머리) by Hwang Sung Jae:

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