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My May is Made: Nah Youn Sun comes to London

youn_sun_nah_1899_by_nah_inu_2009_500The event that I’d been hoping would happen for a very long time is actually going to happen. Nah Youn Sun, the Korean-born Jazz singer who’s based in France, is going to be performing in London. And she has promised LKL an interview.

Regular readers will know that LKL rates Nah highly – her 5th Album, Voyage, was Editor’s Choice for album of the year 2008. The Korean music industry followed our lead, and Nah was nominated the best Jazz album of 2008 in the recent Korean Music Awards announced in March this year.

As part of an extended world tour which takes her from Stavanger to Shenzen, Nah makes her London debut at the Vortex in Dalston on 10 May, accompanied by Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius. It promises to be a special evening.

Nah’s Voyage gets a European release from ACT records on 24 April 2009:

Voyage is a journey into the past and at the same time a promise for the future. It’s an impressive signature of one of the most exceptional singers of our time.

Here’s a live performance of one of the tracks, Shenandoah.



(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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