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Youn Sun Nan [sic] on BBC World Service

nys_laugh_2While in London at the beginning of the week for the UK leg of her world tour, Youn Sun Nah found time to pop into the BBC World Service studio to meet Mark Coles of the Arts programme The Strand.

Coles’s researcher had done some of the background work, having read the relevant press materials which accompany Nah’s tour, but unfortunately either Coles is cross-eyed or the spell-checker in his word-processing software decided to garble the spelling of Nah’s family name, so she has now been introduced to BBC listeners across the globe as if she is a piece of Indian bread.

She talks about attitudes to Jazz in Korea, we learn that she spent some time as a salarywomen in a fashion company before starting her musical career. And she performs the virtuoso track Frevo from her latest CD.

You can listen to the programme for the next few days on the BBC website. The interview starts 20:07 minutes into the programme.


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