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Tablo interviewed by CNN

by Saharial

The dark jumper and checked shirt might not be the average wear by hip hop artistes, but then Tablo of the group Epik High is not your average hip hop star. Well spoken, Stanford educated, he was interviewed on a number of topics by CNN earlier this week including the censorship of his music and how Epik High grew in popularity.

One of the main things that struck me about this interview was the thought and care Tablo put into his answers, often referring to Korea as ‘Where I come from’ when speaking of anything less than positive or ‘the industry I work in’ to generalise the media machine.

Interviews are always a minefield it seems for anyone in media and in particular those done in English that could easily be mistranslated by Netizens and picked apart. Tablo did a great job of expressing himself and ensuring nobody lost face or was offended. It would have been nice to have seen more of Mithra, or heard more about Tablo’s book of short stories, but I guess that will have to happen another time.

Broadcast a day or so ago, the web version of this interview is finally available for us all to see.


One thought on “Tablo interviewed by CNN

  1. Jaekoo: Tablo’s biological sister is an interesting figure as well. She went to law school, earned JD equivalent in Korea and then passed bar exam in the US.

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