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Korean performers at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe

Gone are the days when the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website had a search engine where you could simply type “Korea” and it would return all the events with Korean performers. So here’s a listing developed with hard graft and elbow grease.

The Dream of Sancho

Dream of SanchoPerformers: Creative VaQi
Date: 8th-14th August 2010
Time: 21:50 (1hr)
Venue: C venue 34-Adam House Chambers Street

Fantastic outdoor summer night spectacle. Cervantes’ work retold through mime, movement, music and whole building projection. Don Quixote lives in a modern society. He has forgotten his past and his ‘wild nature’. One night, as he is lost in a dream, his faithful servant Sancho appears to him, awakening lost memories of adventure that lie inside him. Stunning original non-verbal theatre, as seen in China, Japan and Korea. Dokkabi award winner, Chuncheon International Mime Festival. This production launches C venues’ new city-centre outdoor performance space.

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Ariul: made in Korea

Date: 22nd-29th August 2010
Time: 16:00 or 19:30
Venue: St. John’s Church

Ariul: Made in Korea Facebook page

Made in Korea offers festivalgoers a unique opportunity to enjoy a taste of Seoul, South Korea. Ariul present an inspiring hour of enchanting music and engaging dance; a collaboration of different performance styles, which creates a contemporary tribute to traditional Korean music with a modern, Western twist. Ariul have a passion to reintroduce beautiful Korean traditional music to a new audience in their native South Korea, and now for the first time an international audience will also be able to see the result of their hard work.

Babbling Comedy 1

Babbling Comedy 1Performers: Perfordian Factory
Date: 18th-30th August 2010
Time: 17:00
Venue: C Central

No words, but laughs for everybody… Three curious babies, use mime, magic, juggling and beatboxing to explore and comment on the objects around them. This high-energy show will have you looking at ordinary objects in a whole new way! Captivating hit comedy show from Korea, as performed to sell-out audiences across Korea, and as seen on Korean TV! Side-splitting fun for all generations.

The Dandelion’s Story

Dandelion's StoryPerformers: Modl Theatre Company
Date: 15th-31th August 2010
Time: 1:50pm(50mins)
Venue: C venue 34

Based on a best-selling Korean fairytale, this re-take on the ‘Ugly Duckling’ story proves that nothing is useless. Borne on the spring wind and soaked by rain, a beautiful flower comes to life after an unexpected deposit – a doggie poo! With marvellous costumes and dazzling effects, Modl Theatre are one of the leading professional companies producing children¡¯s theatre in Korea. This comical, highly physical, visual and philosophical production is a delight for adults and children alike. ‘Skilled, professional delivery in every inch of the piece’ ***** (; **** ( 2009 Stage ‘Must-see!’. Advance booking recommended.

Uangel Voice

Uangel VoiceDate: 11-16 August 2010
Time: Times vary
Venue: St Andrew’s and St George’s West

Don’t miss out on the unique chance to experience this most talented singing group from Korea. This brilliant male quintet entertains people through music. With powerful but sweet voices, Uangel Voice Choir performs a selection of classical, contemporary, gospel, and traditional Korean music. With a programme based on their recent world tour, they promise an enchanted hour with vibrant sound and fun. The team have been appointed as goodwill ambassadors for the charity World Neighbours, following concerts in hospitals and military bases.

Yong-in Youth Orchestra

Yongin Youth OrchestraDate: 21 August 2010
Time: 20:00
Venue: St Giles’ Cathedral

Don’t miss your chance to hear this wonderfully gifted group of young musicians from the Far East. The Yong-in Youth Orchestra will impress and delight audiences with a varied programme of both western classical and traditional Korean music. They were recognized as one of the finest youth orchestras in the world following superb performances at the 2009 NAYO Festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The 60 young musicians in the Orchestra will be conducted by Joong-Yeop Lee who studied conducting in Germany and Bulgaria and who is currently one of the most respected conductors in Asia.

Princess Pyunggang and General Ondal

Princess Pyunggang and General OndalPerformers: Bibimbap Theatre
Date: 15-28 August 2010
Time: Various Times (1 hour 20 minutes)
Venue: Augustine’s, 41 George IV Bridge

From Seoul, this award-winning Korean troupe present a majestic 21st-century remix of an ancient children’s folk tale. Unifying traditional drumming, opera, fan dance and tap to dazzle audiences, inspiring endless love and peaceful transformation.

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