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The inaugural KCC Concert 2011: Tori Ensemble

One of the KCC’s initiatives this year is to start bringing Korean music, including traditional music, to a London audience. The first of these concerts in on Monday 7 February.

The KCC Concerts

Tori Ensemble

HEO Yoon-jeong and KANG Kwon-soon

Tori Ensemble

This inaugural concert of 2011 brings traditional Korean music to a modern audience, Ms. Heo and Ms. Kang will perform a selection of inspiring pieces at the KCC as part of their 2011 European Tour.

Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre UK
Time & Date: 19:00, Monday, 7th February 2011

please email [email protected] or call 020 7004 2600 to reserve your place.

Admission is free
We hope that you can join us on the 7th Feb

HEO Yoon-jeong (Geomungo, Korean Zither)

A master of Korean traditional music of the next generation, Ms. Heo Yoon-jeong is an active geomungo soloist and composer. Her talents cut across various musical genres, expanding the possibilities of geomungo and Korean music by bringing together different genres ranging from traditional music, improvisational music, and contemporary music.

KANG Kwon-soon (Jeongga, Traditional Vocals)

Kang Kwon Soon is a leading vocalist in traditional and contemporary music in Korea. She has devoted herself to performing and perfecting both Korean traditional court music(jeongga) as well as contemporary music. She has performed extensively throughout Korea and abroad, working with many composers, dancers ensembles and orchestras, including the National Orchestra, KBS Traditional Orchestra, Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra and Kim Duk-soo Samulnori Group. She has also been cast in performances directed by such international art directors as Ong Keng Sen, Kim Jin-hi and Chen Shi-Zeng, working with traditional and contemporary artists from around the world

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