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Scattering Rhythms: Korean Traditional Music and Jazz at the KCC

Keith Howard has returned to SOAS from Sydney and brings with him a fusion of jazz with sanjo. Sounds interesting:

Scattering Rhythms: Korean Traditional Music and Jazz
at the Korean Cultural Centre UK
Monday 11 April 2011 at 19:00

Hyelim Kim and Simon Barker
Hyelim Kim and Simon Barker

‘Scattering Rhythms: Korean traditional music and Jazz’ is the creative collaboration of Korean traditional music by three prominent musicians from three countries: a taegŭm master Hyelim Kim (Korea), the eminent jazz drummer Simon Barker (Australia), and a janggu player & professor at SOAS, Keith Howard (UK). The concert features traditional repertories and improvisatory pieces inspired by Korean traditional music and jazz. It explores the musical elements of two culture to illuminate novel possibilities in musical treasures.

The programme will be announced from the stage, and will consist of a mix of traditional pieces and improvised music. From the traditional, expect the solo taegŭm piece ‘Chŏngsŏnggok’ a celebrated court piece that originally functioned as the accompaniment to a lyric song, and ‘sanjo’, the extended melodic+drum piece that is today the keystone of artistic instrumental performance. Contemporary and fusion elements emerge in pieces for electro-acoustic plus live performance, and in improvisations that take rhythmic structures from a wide variety of sources including, particularly, Korea’s shaman music, jazz, and the performers’ timbral explorations.

For the programmes and events please RSVP to [email protected] or phone 0207 004 2600.

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