My Girlfriend is an Agent screens at the KCC

Kim Ha-neul in a short wedding dress riding a jet-ski up the Han River shooting at some baddies in a speedboat is a fun way to open a film:

My Girlfriend is an Agent

7pm, Thursday 12th May

Director: Shin Tae-ra
Cast: Kim Ha-neul, Kang Ji-hwan
Certificate: PG (South Korea)
Running Time: 112 mins

The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

Booking is required, please email or call 020 7004 2600 to reserve your place. Admission is free.

The Film
A Russian organised crime gang sets out to steal an advanced chemical weapon from Korea with only two secret agents standing in their way. One is a veteran secret agent named Ahn Soo-ji who is a master of all forms of martial arts. Another is a rookie named Lee Jae-joon who’s never been out on the field and always goofs up on the job. The two agents don’t know each other’s secret identity. As a couple that is… Soo-ji and Jae-joon were once a very passionate until Jae-joon couldn’t take her lies anymore. But all Soo-ji was trying to do was hide her secret identity. Nonetheless, the two went on their separate ways and by coincidence bump into each other years later while out on their mission to save the world.

Source: KMDB

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