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Twentidentity screens at the KCC

Details of the two evening screenings at the KCC during June: Twentidentity (2003). It’s always worth checking out these screenings: often the films being shown are no longer available on DVD. That seems to be the case with this omnibus film.


Twentidentity 1 posterDirector: Various
Running Time: 83mins x 2
Screening Dates: June 09, 2011, 7pm / June 23, 2011 7.00pm
Number of Seats: 130
Theatre: Multi Purpose Hall

Synopsis: In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Korean Film Academy, 20 of the academy’s former students (who are respected filmmakers today) were invited to shoot an omnibus movie consisting of 20 short films including directors Park Ki-yong, Kim So-young, Kim Tae-kyun and others.

The screenings will be split into two, and the shorts will consist of the following:

A Runner’s High – directed by Kim So-Young
Stand – directed by Kim Ui-Seok
Innocence – directed by Oh Byeong-Cheol
Looking For Sex – directed by Lee Yong-Bae
To The 21st – directed by Jang Hyeon-Su
Neighborhood – directed by Hwang Gyu-Deok
Race – directed by Kwon Chil-In
Age 20 – directed by Park Gi-Yong
It’s Different On Mobile Queen – directed by Lee Young-Jae
Oh My Baby – directed by Jeong Byeong-Gak
20mm Thick – directed by Lee Hyeon-Seung
Store am.2 – directed by Kim Tae-Gyun
20 – directed by Park Gyeong-Hee
20 Law – directed by Jo Min-Ho
20 Shoes – directed by Yu Young-Sik
Alone Together – directed by Heo Jin-Ho
Sink & Rise – directed by Bong Jun-Ho
20 Heels – directed by Lee Su-Yeon
Her Accident – directed by Kim Tae-Yong
Secrets And Lies – directed by Min Gyu-Dong
Pass Me – directed by Kim So-Young.

Book for the screenings here: 9 June | 23 June

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