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Artists at Work: Process Recorded at the KCC

The KCC is pleased to announce an interesting and extensive 10-day artistic project, starting today:

Artists at Work: Process Recorded

14 Sep 2011 – 24 Sep 2011

Artists Recorded image

The Korean Cultural Centre (UK) is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Artists at Work: Process Recorded, an experimental exhibition as we suggest a different approach on the creative process and the archive of this work.

Each day, one of our ten participating artists will undertake a performative piece within our Multi-Purpose Hall here at the KCC. Every session, open to the public will be recorded live and broadcast to the KCC video screens: subsequently creating an archive of the 10 days work. The focus will be wholly on the artists’ responses to the space, time, camera and audience afforded to them through this exhibition.

During the exhibition period, screens within the KCC will be displaying live footage as well as footage from earlier creative days. The details of works are as follows.

Wonwoo LEE (14th Sep) starts from twisting the given conditions; the audience is faced with mysterious images which are projected in the Multi-Purpose Hall. The images are edited with his live performance behind the wall, leaving us to question the hidden truth.

Yoonsuk CHOI (15th Sep) time will be spent creating drawings. CHOI deals with the notion of time, repetition and individuality through a time-consuming, laborious and isolated process. The sound only amplifies its taxing gesture of drawing.

Yeon LEE (16th Sep) focuses on recreating her childhood memories. Her collection of very personal and insignificant memories is presented through a medium of plastic bags. She is inducing the participation of the audience, as her project expands by using the memories of others.

Soon-Hak KWON (17th Sep) will stage a performance of the process of making his photograph series, ‘History of’. As he captures the empty wall inside of the Hall, the multiple close-up shots that carry the details of the surface will be delivered (broadcast) via the exterior TV screens. Simultaneously, the individual images will be printed in life-size and stitched together to create a photographic collage.

A fashion designer, Ara JO (19th Sep) has teamed up to create ‘The Super Egos’ with Hayley Crompton (print designer) and Haze (photographer) to present a 10 piece fashion collection under the theme of ‘Celebrity Behaviour’ and a photographic narrative to accompany the themes running through each outfit. There will be 2 fashion shows at 13:30 and 18:30 which will be followed by a live music performance featuring Grace Obika and her band.

Showna KIM (20th Sep) will create an installation using paintings of three dimensional hybrid images composed of intricate dot patterns and painted with luminous paint. The paintings transform into ambiguous reflected images through the medium of acrylic, water, and UV light. The installation presents the main theme of human spirituality which transcends both time and space.

Dari BAE (21st Sep) ‘The Rotten Light’ is a piece of work related to her chandelier series through which she explores the mechanics that fuel the system of capitalism. This work attempts to question what the sweet and rotten ‘light’ is through fresh, rotten and LED contained fruits. This ‘fruit light’ has a short life before it is discarded.

Woon Zung (22nd Sep) performance is entitled ‘Biv-oo-ak: Temporary Residence for Objects’ it is inspired by the artist’s longing for a nomadic life or even idle desire of disguising herself as a rock. In this one day performance, Zung will present one day shelter for the selected objects and let them reside in there during the half of a day and then there will be banquet of removing all of them at the end of the day.

Jung Ju SEO (23rd Sep) will stage a simple actions of toasting a loaf of bread and scraping off the burnt bit with a knife that produces a heap of burnt bread powder (ash) and spreads the smell of toasted bread in the air. The audience can participate in this process and the bread can be eaten if they wish.

Magenta Gyoungcinn GANG (24th Sep) welcomes the audience to join her practice of wrapping certain parts of a tree with Magenta coloured fabric. Magenta is a colour that the artist has always had an affinity with, and this practice encompasses an autobiographical element. Wrapping of an organic, and pre-existing living object, a tree, with magenta fabrics is a symbolic practice of the synthesis of the natural environment and herself.

Upon completion of above projects we will examine the extensive 10 days with an artists’ talk followed by the celebratory party. The Artists Talk & Closing Party will take place on 27 Sep 2011 from 17:00 and from 19:00 respectively.

RSVP for:

Artists’ talk: Tuesday 27 Sept 5pm-7pm
Closing party: Tuesday 27 Sept 7pm-8pm
RSVP to [email protected]

Participating artists:

14 Sept: Wonwoo Lee
15 Sept: Yoonsuk Choi
16 Sept: Yeon Lee
17 Sept: Soonhak Kwon
19 Sept: Ara Jo / The Super Egos
20 Sept: Showna Kim
21 Sept: Dari Bae
22 Sept: Woon Zung
23 Sept: Jungju Seo
24 Sept: Magenta Gyoungcinn Gang

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