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Korean art at the 2014 London Art Fair

At the 2014 London Art Fair there will be two galleries majoring in Korean artists: Union and Hanmi. I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with the han-laden sculptures of Yu Jinyoung (Union) and the humorous video work of Park June Bum (Hanmi). London regulars Kwon Soonhak and Yun Sungfeel will also be there, and Union’s Chae Sung Pil. No doubt there will be a smattering of Korean artists at other galleries too. London Art Fair is 15 – 19 January 2014 at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Hanmi Gallery

Project Space stand P10

Still from Park June Bum: Puzzle 4-01
Still from Park June Bum: Puzzle 4-01 (with Docent in National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea) 2009, Single Channel, HD, 07’15”

Hanmi Gallery is a burgeoning young gallery located in Fitzrovia, London, with further operations in Seoul, South Korea.

With expertise in Korean and East Asian Contemporary art, Hanmi Gallery has a unique perspective on the cross-cultural exchanges that bridge the distance between East and West. Reaching a fast growing local and international audience, the gallery aims to contribute to a physical and conceptual platform for interchange and dialogue that is constantly evolving in the global world of Contemporary art.

At the 2014 London Art Fair, Hanmi Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition featuring emerging new media and installation artists. With three international artists: Sungfeel Yun, Junebum Park and Joey Holder, the exhibition, ‘Limits of a Function’ takes a mathematical term as a curatorial framework. Considering the boundaries of ‘white space’ and measuring up its dimensions, the exhibition will blur and question the divisions between artworks and their documentation.

Exhibiting Artists
Joey Holder | Junebum Park | Sung Feel Yun

Union Gallery

Main Fair Stand 1a

Yu Jinyoung: The Disguised (2008)
Yu Jinyoung: The Disguised (2008). Installation, Mixed media, Sculpture

Jari Lager established UNION Gallery in 2007 at Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green, East London. Curating and hosting a program of emerging and established artist exhibitions, the gallery maintains a commitment to both its represented artists and to the showcasing of new talent.

UNION brings together UK and international artists of different generations and working in a variety of media, formal languages and conceptual methods. What these share in common is an attitude to experiment with the whole spectrum of visual forms, reflecting upon ideas from the fields of art history, media theory, politics, literature and overall culture.

Solo shows at the gallery in the past 2 years included artists Rose Wylie, running concurrently with her solo exhibition at Tate Britain, Matthew Stone, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Bernhard Martin, Charles Mason, Kieran Moore and Shannon Oksanen.

Exhibiting Artists:
Yu Jinyoung | Soon Hak Kwon | Tobias Lehner | Chae Sung Pil | Rose Wylie

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