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Je Baak & Ahn Jinkyun at HADA Contemporary

Notice of HADA Contemporary’s next exhibition:

Je Baak & Ahn Jinkyun

6 – 23 FEBRUARY 2014
OPENING – THURSDAY | 6 FEBRUARY 2014 | 6:00 – 9:00 PM
HADA Contemporary | 21 Vyner Street | London | E2 9DG |
Wed – Fri 11am – 6pm | Sat – Sun 11am – 4pm

HADA Contemporary is pleased to present recent photographic works by two emerging artists, Je Baak and Ahn Jinkyun. This exhibition aims to introduce some of contemporary photographic works that utilise the natural characteristics of the photography as a medium – accessibility, editability and reproducibility among others – yet exploring and illustrating diverse unphotographable social and personal metaphors.

Je Baak

Je Baak: Petitio Principii 205 (2012)
Je Baak: Petitio Principii 205 (2012). Giclee prints, 120 x 220 cm

Baak’s artistic investigation deconstructs predetermined values questioning the logical fallacies embedded in the social system. In Petitio Principii series, Baak deconstructs Mondrian’s obsessive modernist values by creating repetitive perspectival photographic patterns. This series gradually evolves into Ritual and Narcissism of the Vision series that have recently been shown in National Museum of Contemporary Art and Gallery Royale in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition brings five recent works from Petito Principii series in which the repetition and patternisation of images become the metaphor of the multiplication and segmentation of oneself. The continuous repetition of this process ultimately denies the idea of ‘self’ and becomes the visualisation of the Buddhist concept of ‘selflessness’.

Ahn Jinkyun

Ahn Jinkyun: Gazing #1 (2012)
Ahn Jinkyun: Gazing #1 (2012). Lambda print, 125.4 x 114.3 cm

This exhibition brings together four works by Ahn – Gazing #1 (2012) and Two Mirrors (2012) from Villa of the Mysteries series and Eight Legs (2012), Hide & Seek #1 & #2 (2012) from Décalcomanie series – for the investigation and conversation of the viewers to encourage the survey beyond the boundaries of the vision. His photographs explore multi faceted aspects of the space named ‘the living room’ adopting it as a stage for meticulously choreographed private performances. These tableaux suggestively reveal dichotomic symbolic gestures inherent in the space such as private experience and public display, the reflection and the gaze, the mirror and the image, the seen and the unseen and the life and death. ‘… My fascination with this particular medium lies in its nature of reflection. When a photograph is taken, the camera creates a virtual mirror that reflects the images placed beyond its lens, thereby, materialising the reflected image two dimensionally. Inherent in this photographic process is the defiance of the authenticity of what one would otherwise naturally perceived through vision. In my opinion, therefore, a good photograph is one that reflects, rather than reveals something.’

Je Baak (b.1978) received MA in Communication Art & Design at Royal College of Art London and BFA in Visual Communication from Seoul National University. He exhibited internationally such as National Museum of Contemporary Art Seoul, Saatchi Gallery London, Busan Museum of Art, British Film Institute London, Asia House London, Arti et Amicitae Amsterdam, Gallery Hyundai Seoul, Gallery Jungmiso Seoul among others. He was awarded with The Grand Prize by Joongang Fine Arts Prize 2010, Chris Ganrham Memorial Award by Royal College of Art 2010 and shortlisted for Mangroup Photography Awards and selected as Young Korean Artist 2013 by National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

Ahn Jinkyun (b. 1983) received MA in Photography at Royal College of Art London and BFA in Photography and Film, Animation and Video at Rhode Island School of Design in US. He has exhibited internationally at The Photographer’s Gallery London, Phoenix Brighton, Anthony Reynolds Gallery London, Gallery IHN Seoul, Ohio University Seigfred Gallery, Red Eye Gallery USA among others. He has been selected and awarded as 2013 UK Winner of Emerging Photographer by Flash Forward, Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 2013 by The Photographers Gallery London, Belfast Photo Festival 2013, Foam Magazine #36 Talent, Winner of 2012 Brighton Photo Fringe Open and Honourable Mention for International Photography Awards 2011.

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