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Yoshiko 1945 – at Tristan Bates Theatre

As part of FIRST 2014: A Festival of Solo Performances at Tristan Bates Theatre:

Yoshiko 1945

Starring Yuna Shin
Directed by Linda Miller
19 April 2014, 4pm.


Peking. 1945. Yoshiko Kawashima receives a shocking letter from her adoptive father, forcing her to look back on her incredible life and unforgivable actions.

Yoshiko, born a Chinese Manchu princess in 1907 was raised in Japan and served as a spy for the Japanese Army during the Second World War. Instrumental in the installation of a puppet emperor and hailed as the Joan of Arc of Manchukuo, Yoshiko lived a life embroiled in violence, celebrity and subterfuge.

First performed at the Solo Festival 2013, Yoshiko, 1945 is an intimate portrayal of this complex and unremitting woman.

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