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TV Drama pilot episodes to screen at KCC

As if there wasn’t enough to do on the first Thursday of the month, there’s now TV Drama at the KCC that will be battling for precious space in your diaries.

The first screening is 5 March, 7pm – 10pm. As usual, registration is required via [email protected].

London K-Drama Screening March 2015

K-drama screenings banner

This is the first joint event between the Korean Cultural Centre UK and London Korean Drama Club to introduce pilot episodes of newly broadcast Korean TV dramas to the UK audience. The selection for this coming year will cover a broad spectrum to appeal to all, as well as allow innovation in the K-drama industry to be showcased. Feedback from fans will be precious to our partners which will then do their best to bring you the drama series on their platforms to enjoy them in their entirety.

This month’s screenings:

Nine: Nine Time Travels (나인: 아홉번의 시간여행)

Broadcasting: tvN (11 Mar – 14 May 2013), 20 episodes
Production: JS Pictures, Chorokbaem Media
Cast: Lee Jin-wook, Joo Min-young

Anchorman Park Sun-woo (Lee Jin-wook, The Three Musketeers, 2014) receives a call from Nepal, where his elder brother’s body has been discovered in the mountains. Whilst looking through his brother’s belongings, Park unravels the mystery behind his obsession for an obscure box of nine incense sticks and burner lamp. As he discovers the items’ ability to send him back in time, Park s initial desire to save his brother Jung-woo (Jeon No-min, The Three Musketeers, 2014) turns into a life mission to avenge his father and find the one who brought disaster upon his family. Whilst on his quest, he will come to realize his true feelings for junior reporter Joo Min-young (Jo Yoon-he, The King’s Face, 2014), but will she have the patience to wait for him?

Nine is the first Korean drama to receive a U.S. remake, by Yunjin Kim and Fake Empire Productions, for ABC.

Punch (펀치)

Broadcasting: SBS (15 Dec 2014 – 17 Feb 2015), 19 episodes
Production: HB Entertainment
Cast: Kim Rae-won, Kim Ah-joong, Cho Jae-hyun

As the chief of the anticorruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Park Jung-hwan (Kim Rae-won: A Thousand Days’ Promise, 2011) has dedicated his life to catching the filthiest criminals. But when he learns he has a malignant brain tumor which leaves him only six months to live, his energies converge towards taking down the worst of all, corrupt Public Prosecutor General Lee Tae-joon (Cho Jae-hyun). In his quest for ultimate justice, he will need the help of prosecutor Shin Ha-gyung (Kim Ah-joong: Signs, 2011), who also happens to be his ex-wife and mother of his child. Forced to put his thirst for power and status aside, will he be able to regain her respect, her support, and perhaps even her love?

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