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말 MAL – The 2nd Korean Speech Contest

If you’re not intimidated by the standard of last year’s Korean speech competition – see the below video clip – then get your applications in for this year’s contest, to be held on 6 June.

말 MAL – The 2nd Korean Speech Contest in the UK

Let’s Speak Korean
Date: 6th June 2015 14:00
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK

Speech contest

Participants: Any non-Korean over 18 whose parents aren’t Korean, please also note that 1st prize winners from previous Korean Speech Contests cannot enter again, however, 2nd prize winners and runners-up from previous contests are welcome to apply again this year.

Group A: Those who have received regular Korean courses for over 2 years at the King Sejong Institute
Group B: Those who have received regular Korean courses for less than 2 years at the King Sejong Institute
Group C: Anyone else who speaks Korean, and has not attended the King Sejong Institute

If you are still unsure which Group you are eligible for, please contact [email protected]

Theme: “Korean Culture through your Eyes”
For example My favourite K-Pop Group or Korean Food, Noraebang experience, etc.

Any props, video clips, ppt etc. are also welcome but let us know when you apply if you are going to use these items.

Length of Speech: 3-5 minutes

Application Procedure

  • Application Deadline: 25th May 2015, 18:00
  • Required Documents: Application Form (Please download from
  • For enrolment and further enquiries, please e-mail to [email protected]

Available Spaces: 30 successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail and their names will be posted on our website.

Evaluation Criteria: Delivery and Content of the speech and understanding Korean Culture etc.


  • Gifts will be provided for the participants as well as the 1st and 2nd positions of each group
  • Please note that only 1st positions of A and B Group will be considered to proceed to the main competition which will be held by the King Sejong Institute Foundation in October. The Foundation will invite 16 people after evaluating all the 1st prize winners’ video clips from the all King Sejong Institutes across the globe.

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