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Dami Eniola introduces Gugak Sounds, London’s traditional Korean music radio station

My name is Dami, I currently study at SOAS university majoring in music performance. My area of study focus is mainly on Korean music. A passion which I have decided to share with people through my radio program called Gugak Sounds. As a foreigner to Korea, understanding the various genres of Korean traditional music was very challenging.

Gugak Sounds
photo credit – Jason Verney

As someone who also appreciated the music but had no deep understanding at the beginning, I made it a goal to share with people who felt or are feeling the same way I did by breaking down these genres and helping understand Korean traditional music as well as entertain people who already know about it and helping them to also find a way to explain this type of music to listeners.

To achieve this I currently run a radio program through my my University’s radio station SOAS radio. The name of the program is called Gugak Sounds which my passion for Korean traditional music is expressed. Join me every Sunday UK time 12pm and Korean time 9pm live. You can also listen back to previous episodes as well.

If you would like to contact me, please do so at [email protected] or for current updates on
twitter at Gugak Sounds or text 07999368343 to show support.


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