Event news: Benson Lee’s Seoul Searching to screen at Asia House film fest

It’s good that we’re finally getting a chance to see Seoul Searching in London. The Asia House Film Festival presents its European premiere. Earlier in the festival is the UK premiere of the documentary State of Play.

Seoul Searching

Dir: Benson Lee, USA / South Korea / China, 2015)
105 minutes, European premiere
Time: February 27, 2016 18:00 – 20:10
Venue: Regent Street Cinema | 309 Regent Street | London W1B 2UW
+ Director Benson Lee in attendance for Q&A [to be confirmed]
in a double bill with the 14-minute short film Drama (dir Tian Guan, USA, 2014)
Ticket prices (including the short): £11 | £10 | £7. Full details on the Regent Street Cinema website here.

Seoul Searching

In the summer of 1986, a diverse group of Korean teenagers from around the world arrive in Seoul to take part in a special summer camp where they have been sent by their parents to learn what it truly means to be Korean. Each carries their own distinct cultural baggage picked up from the countries where they’ve been raised. The abrasive Sid is, at first glance, your typical rebel-without-a-clue, sent by his father back to the motherland with the goal of chipping off some of his rough edges.

Here he brushes up against the sexually self-assured Madonna devotee, Grace, and discovers they may have more than just a surname in common. Meanwhile carefree Mexican Esteban finds an unlikely soulmate in his serious roommate Klaus, as the group of teens defy the strict camp curfews imposed by their host country.

Based on director Benson Lee’s personal experiences, this riotous teen comedy in the spirit of John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club features a soundtrack of some of the era’s most fondly remembered tunes, going far beyond mere nostalgia to present a witty portrait of national, social and ethnic identity.

Tickets for this film should be purchased on the Regent Street Cinema website here.

For more information on the film go to the film’s website here.


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