Event news: Great Exhibitionists – Braedalyn, at the RCM

A couple of months ago Joo Yeon Sir participated in an interesting music / projection / dance event at the RCM. In the same series is a performance tomorrow lunchtime featuring music and visuals, the latter provided by RCA student Jin Joon Lee:

Great Exhibitionists – Braedalyn

1:05pm | 17 March 2016
Britten Theatre | Royal College of Music | Prince Consort Road | London SW7 2BS

Braedalyn graphic

Ross J Koopmans music
Jin Joon Lee visuals
Free but tickets required: Book here

‘Braedalyn’ is a multimedia concert that explores the dialogue between contemporary instrumental pieces and popular song in a way that both exist in harmony, as equal components belonging to a single entity. The known (concrete) and unknown (abstract) as well as the liminal space between are explored with these musical forms and styles. Equally present and crucial to this experience is the involvement of visual projections, designed by visual artist, and Royal College of Art student, Jin Joon Lee.

This event is part of Great Exhibitionists, the Royal College of Music’s cutting-edge concert series taking up the spirit of the 1851 Great Exhibition and curated entirely by students.


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