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Exhibition news: Seoung Ku Lee — From Nature: Mental Images, at Han Collection

News of an exhibition in the gallery formerly known as Mokspace:

From Nature: Mental Images

Seoung Ku Lee
16th June – 30th June 2016
Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH |
Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Seoung Ku Lee
Seoung Ku Lee: From Nature – mental images of Landscape No 002 (Black) Oil, acrylic & Cotton on canvas 53cm x 45.5cm, 2015

Han Collection is pleased to present ‘From Nature’, an exhibition of works by Seoung Ku Lee. His ‘From Nature’ series begins in early 1990s with the image of human body, and moved to large circular voluminous masses. From 1996 to early 2000s, Lee tried to create a striking contrast of light and dark, and dynamic structures.

Absorbing and smudging effects of ink are the natural itself. If I tried to generate the expressive substance of the mental images, composed within the time and spatial limitations, through the variations of these effects, this will be a natural beauty, and stonger than any artificial results (From the artist’s notes).

In his own interpretation of absorbing and smudging offects of ink, he has explored every possible and distinctive approach and method, available in the field of painting and print-making, in order to invent his own unique method. As for painting, he first applied colour, made from natural pigment on to hanji or Korean paper, then, by using print-making techniques, printed samll images, and finished the surface with soybean juice coating.

He employed the images of traditional Korean roofs, roof tiles, tomb statutory, skirts, kites and fish, all of which are recognised as the icons of Korean cultural heritages. When Lee use these as motifs, he applied kaolin on the surface of Korean paper, then drew the images of his motifs, and finished the surface with a coat.

His current work began with him relecting on the original meanings of the Korean adjective ‘natural’, and the eects of these on his mind and heart. Lee’s ‘From Nature’ series delightfully opens up a page in his artistic history. The naturalness, emitted form the colour and fragrance of his black icons, evokes similar feelings to ancient Korean cultural heritage such as traditional architects, furniture and potteries.


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